what is mindful moms?

Being a parent is the most difficult job on the planet but is also the most rewarding. To get through this hectic, complex phase you need to first and foremost take care of yourself. You need to banish all internal negative dialogue (it doesn’t serve you well) and the unreasonable expectations you place on yourself as a parent. Role modeling is one the most powerful tools parents possess and the best place to begin is by becoming mindful of the behaviors, attitude, reactions and internal dialogue your kids are observing in you. Children mirror those behaviors. Negative internal dialogue, self criticism, judgement of others, how you handle stress--these are all behaviors your children will see you role model and mirror for themselves.  


Cindy has seen the benefits of being a Mindful Mom. She loves to share how being Mindful can make a positive difference in your home and in your life. You are invited to attend her Mindful Mom group. Ask Cindy about it today.

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