• For several decades Cindy Shore has used her training, education and experience to make the struggles of life easier for her clients. 
  • Cindy has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is a certified Inner Bonding Facilitator. Cindy, along with a strong foundation of traditional psychology, found the Inner Bonding process to be the ideal supplement to resolve some of the shortcomings she felt traditional therapy possessed, including the lack of emphasis on the power of spiritual and intuitive connection. 
  • As both a therapist and a mother of two energetic boys, Cindy has a passion for researching and discovering the best parenting tools that she can use to help mothers on their journey through parenthood, thus launching Mindful Moms. 
  • Through her years of education, practice and her own personal experience with the Inner Bonding process and other strategies, Cindy has developed a thriving practice that consists of individual and group therapy sessions. In addition, she has served on the Inner Bonding Advice Panel and has written various articles for their website. 
  • Cindy’s practice is ready to help anyone who is open to learning, growing and improving their life. She works with parents, adolescent children and young adults.  
  • Cindy is a wife, a mother, a trained therapist and an enthusiastic explorer of life, love, health and family.


Inner Bonding is a proven six-step self-healing process.
It's comprehensive. It's practical.
And it always works when you do it.


Clients who come to me can expect a unique experience in the fact that my ultimate goal is to fully empower you in your own life. My therapy practice is designed to provide you with strategies and tools that are designed to benefit you personally given your own life situation. This will give you the confidence to trust your own instincts and the choices you make in your life rather than looking to others for answers or approval, this being, in my mind,  the ultimate scenario for self reliance and individual empowerment.