Therapist goal: Change your thoughts, Change your life

Providing you with life altering strategies that will empower you to heal yourself and create the life you want.

A Message From Cindy

 Whether it's with a spouse, partner, friend, coworker or your child you will have the confidence in knowing that you have the ability to navigate any situation as well as make important decisions with a sense of clarity, strength and inner confidence.



As a therapist, I take the time to discover how your internal dialogue is holding you back and willingly explore the true intention behind it is the first step to self love and true consciousness. I will guide you through this process. 



Mindful moms supports all parents along their journey to raising happy, healthy, confident young adults by teaching mindful parenting strategies and tools.  My family therapy strategies will help you eliminate any self judgement and/or insecurities that are holding you back from becoming the parent you want to be. Using the tools and strategies through individual counseling I provide you with will unleash the true infinite power we all have as parents: positive role modeling, clear boundaries, self awareness, self love, intuitiveness and unconditional love. 

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